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  • Lock down your vision for having full ownership of your health and what your life would look like by being in the best shape ever.

  • How to get control of your schedule so that your self-care is never put on the backburner again.

  • Ways to work through obstacles so you can push past the excuses that have held you back in the past.~

  • How to create a reliable routine to make your life easier and less stressful.

  • How to get access to time-saving fitness and nutrition programs

  • Explore whether my virtual coaching program is the right fit for you to finally create a consistent self-care routine so you can function at your best.



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I remember how hard it was when I first started out... That's why this is a free consultation that will allow us to explore the option of working together.

Client Success Stories...

"Kelly is an awesome coach and super knowledgeable about fitness. She has guided me through my fitness journey, as well as helping me revamp my nutrition. I have lost 20 pounds and 2 pants sizes since working with her as my online fitness coach and attending her early morning boot camp classes! I look, and more importantly, feel so much better, and much of that success is due to Kelly. She's so fun and personable, it's like meeting up with a good friend to work out with, but one that will kick your butt and make you happy you showed up! I can't say enough about her skills as a fitness trainer. online coach and her awesome boot camp program!"

- Jenn C.

“I was overweight, had terrible eating habits and I lacked motivation. Kelly provided me with simple solutions for clean eating and very effective workouts. As a result, I have more energy than I've had in years, lost over 30 lbs and have gained muscle. I also notice a significant improvement in my strength and endurance when I go hunting and work my labor-intensive job.”

– Dom F.

"Coach Kelly’s recent 21 day challenge was just what I needed to get back on track with my nutritional and fitness program. The accountability group with Kelly's coaching tips and group support provided a very motivational and supportive community. I've also found Beachbody's 21 Day Fix with handy food containers and nutritional planning to be an easy way to stay focused and fit and I have continued it as part of my daily lifestyle. Between the Challenge(s), Shakeology and my boot camp participation, I am more fit and energetic than ever and I highly recommend participating in Kelly’s online challenges like this for anyone trying to make a positive change in their life!"

- Shelley P.

"As a busy mom of 2 little kids, I have always struggled with finding time for myself, being consistent with self-care and the temptation to indulge and be lazy. After being a member of The Driven Life I am really proud of the progress I've made with decreasing the chaos in my life between trying to balance my family and working in home. I'm making my goals into an action plan rather than a wish list. I have also been working my morning ritual and exercising first thing in the morning."

– Stephanie V.

"I was a little worried at first that I wasn't going to have the time for The Driven Life coaching program. As a full time working parent, wife and entrepreneur my plate is very full but I now have better clarity on what really matters in my life. I have been more consistent with allowing myself down time so I can continue to create the balance in my life I crave."

– Lisa M.

“Kelly brings an encouraging and positive attitude to the people she works with by setting up motivating programs that keep us accountable. I have made important steps forward on my journey to improved emotional balance, physical energy, and an appreciation for taking some time for myself.“

–Sara K.

“After an injury, I had gained weight and was struggling with taking those pounds back off and getting back on track with a workout routine. I am a director of a pre-school and mom of a 3 year old boy so needless to say I have a lot on my plate. Kelly helped me find a new in home workout program and meal plan that worked with my hectic schedule. Not only that, I had a new mindset and am feeling better emotionally and physically.”

–Beth C.

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